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Electronic Flight Bags

IMS Flight Deck (formerly Flight Deck Resources) has been a leading provider of Electronic Flight Bag solutions to commercial airlines, corporate aviation, air cargo, general aviation and aircraft fleet operators worldwide since 2001. Offering turnkey EFBs, IMS Flight Deck is your #1 source of EFB hardware, software, mounting, certification and complete program management.
IMS Flight Deck‚Äö√Ñ√¥s ability to be a proactive innovative supplier to the Aviation Industry is considered the key to its long-term success as an EFB complete solution provider.  The SkyTab family of EFBs are comprised of a rugged single-piece display unit containing all required processing, memory, mass storage and system I/O, thus requiring no separate remote processing unit.  This single LRU architecture eliminates the added costs and labor associated with installation of remote processing units and provides improved reliability and maintainability inherent in a system with fewer LRUs. SkyTab EFBs are designed and tested to withstand even the harshest environments to be fully-operational during all phases and conditions of flight.

The Flightline Software product line is exceptional industry-leading software, which is intuitive and easy to use with the pilot and operator in mind.  The software is scalable, easily customizable for specific needs, requirements and thorough support for 3rd party Applications.  IMS Flight Deck has also worked hard in developing a sound update methodology and a means of centralized control by Fleet Operators and Airlines with its Flightline Ground Server application.

IMS Flight Deck provides complete program management which allows the fleet operator to realize the benefits of the system as designed, complete implementation, 3rd party vendor support, as well as the successful future growth and refinement of the EFB program. Additionally, its development team has worked to ensure that the life-cycle cost of the EFB will be among the lowest in the industry.

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